Welcome to WikiChix!

Offlist chat about the discussions on the systemic gender bias in Wikipedia made it clear that womens were not comfortable contributing to the conversation. This inspired the creation of WikiChix. This is a wiki and mailing list for female editors to discuss issues of gender bias in wikis.

This new community is inspired by, LinuxChix, the women-oriented community for Linux.

Most of pages are viewable to registered users only.

If you are a female interested in wikis, contact us to join the wiki and the wikichix mailing list. There is also an IRC channel at #wikichix on freenode.

The FAQs for related communities answer a lot of questions about why this was created. Please read those for more information until we have our own FAQ.



Areas to develop:

  • Experiences and testimony, histories
  • Examples of bias
  • Positive ideas for moving forward
  • Workshops online and offline; Wiki editing house parties
  • Action items
  • Events
  • Tech help or peer mentoring