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For Jordan Shoes, Howard was never good shoes salesman, his signature sneakers are now largely dropped out of the consumer's attention, sales plunged 70 percent in the last year, only $ 1.5 million, less than the signature of James models of cheap jordan shoes two days of sales. In the past year, Jordan Shoes has put more attention on John Wall (John Wall) and Damien Lillard (Damian Lillard) body.

The following is the complete Nike and cheap jordans sneakers signed sales charts. Other brands, such as Dwyane Wade (Dwyane Wade) endorsement Li Ning sports shoes, the supply is very limited in the United States. US retail sales data, the time as of January 2015 for the 2014 fiscal year. Kyrie Irving (Kyrie Irving) and Lillard's signature sneakers shoes sales since the publication date.

Nike occupy the top three list. SportScanInfo data show that last year, Nike and Jordan brand in size totaled $ 4.2 billion in the basketball shoe market accounted for 95.5% of the share. Adidas (2.6%), Dema (Under Armour, 1%) and Reebok (Reebok, 0.8%) can only compete for cheap jordans online.

Owen is a noteworthy basketball star. His signature model of the first generation of Nike sneakers released in December last year, buy cheap jordans sales in the first three months of $ 7,000,000. The Cavaliers point guard because of the arrival of James and more concern. Cavaliers on broadcast partner ESPN / ABC and TNT TV NBA teams have been up to 25 games live. "You must appear in the eyes of the public in order cheap retro jordans to sell something. This is the reason why Owen stands out.

buy jordans online may be the current generation of NBA players in the king, but he still could not catch up once redefined sports marketing man. Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) has been retired for 12 years, but jordans for cheap sales still grew by 17% in 2014, reaching $ 2.6 billion, a market share of 58% (plus the words of Nike brand, Nike total accounted for 95.5 % market share).

In December last year, cheap authentic jordans released a retro-style Air Jordan XI "Legend of the Blue." This is one of 12 Air Jordan basketball shoes for the month issued. SportScanInfo data show, the legendary blue Nike official website declared sold out in less than three hours, the first week sales of more than $ 80 million. This is just a cheap real jordans sales a week, more than the total sales of all except three other NBA stars. Jordan brand's success made Michael Jordan $ 100 million in revenue last year, becoming the world's highest-billionaire and retired athletes. The results are still pending, James and others to catch up.

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